Ladies & Gentlemen,

We have received mandate from two attorneys-at-law representing past shareholders to restructure the activities of the group of companies Kaïros Technologies, Planet Business Management and Asset Global Consulting. After a short audit, we realized that said companies have been too poorly managed to enable restructuration due to the unlawful actions of Mr. Igor Zabokrytskyi,
Mr. Mahmoud Sabti and several other protagonists.


We want to underline that former president Luis Miguel Vieira was instrumental in forming the new team but that he will not be part of it directly or indirectly until his name will be totally cleared out. It is our strong belief, despite the many attacks he was the object of, that he was used and abused and that he is totally innocent of any financial wrongdoing.


The best proof is that he has never been authorized to sign not even jointly, on any bank account of the companies of the group. As he was threatened by many people of the network, he is resigning from any and all missions for the group and will take rest until his name will be totally cleared out.


Our first concerns in conceiving the restructuration were:

1. to preserve Kaïros's creditors not because we would feel responsible of anything of the past, but because our ethical standards command to hold harmless any and all of Kaïros's creditors to the best of our ability, including Kaïros's previous packages benefits.

2. not to be confused or associated with the former management team and their unlawful acts.

3. to propose real products with benefits, so that the network would no longer be just a pyramid effect.

4. to preserve margins as much as possible so that we do not deceive the original members of the network.

Now, therefore,

we decided to create a new corporation that would not be a complex group of companies but one central corporation holding one hundred percent of any subsidiary that will go public as soon as possible, maybe still within this year.
Because we intend to fly high and to operate in a network marketing environment, we decided to call this company:

Eagles Corporation.

The only official news channel that will keep you informed three times per month on 1st, 11th and 21st of each month is the website of the corporation.
All social network news of any kind are to be considered solely as polemics.

When the corporation shall decide to engage in social networks again to maintain contact with the members of the network, the official social networks pages of Eagles Network Corporation shall be accessible from the main website:

Best Regards,

Olivier WASEM